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Are they polarized?
No. All Stoopid Shades are UVA/UVB 400 protective and meet all ANSI and EUstandards. Though we do plan to offer polarized options in the near future, we are currently committed to providing the best looking shades possible at a price below $50.
Does the Paint last?
Yes. If Stoopid Shades are handled with the normal care that sunglasses should be (do not drop them or allow hard surfaces to contact the lenses and always store them in a poly-cloth bag), they will remain bright and shiny for as long as you own them.

HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE LIKE US: You probably like to wear your shades while participating in rad activities such as extreme beach lounging, freestyle slip-n-sliding, or aggressive clubbing and don’t always have the time or patience to treat your sunglasses like a newborn baby. If this is the case, here are a few tips to ensure your Stoopid Shades stay fresh:

-When drying your shades, remove water and moisture from the surfaceby dab-drying them with a cloth (preferably the mirco-fiber bag included) before rubbing them to polish and shine. This will ensure that moisture does not get rubbed into the structure of the dried paint. Note: sweat tends to break down the structure of the paint the fastest so take extra care on hot days!

While it is possible that the paint may eventually start to wear off of your shades, we usually find that by the time paint starts to show signs of deterioration on a pair of Stoopid Shades, they have usually always already been used, abused, scratched to the point of needing replacement.

Do sunglasses come with a warranty?
Because we want to offer great shades at the lowest price possible, our frames are not covered by an official warranty. This does not mean that they are made from cheap materials or that they should not last for years of use. However, if you feel that your Stoopid Shades broke unjustly or prematurely deteriorated, we will offer a one-time warranty exchange to each customer. All you have to do is tell us what happened and mail us back any physical piece of your broken Stoopid Shades. A single arm or lens is all that’s needed. Once we receive this from you, we will send you a new pair of your choice at no cost. Start this process by contacting us at

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