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Checkout all of our signature sunglass styles and paint combos. Each hand painted in Lake Tahoe, California!

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Create your own unique works of art. Choose your frame, lenses, splatter pattern and paint colors to make something that is completely you!

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Complete your Stoopid look with our totally radical clothing line!

Awesome Sunglasses for All Occasions ; Music Festivals Poolside Slopeside Late Night. Splatter-Painted Frames and Lenses ; Art/graffiti inspired 100% Unique styles Original Art for your face. Customize Your Own Sunglasses Customized, personalized, fully custom. The Best Styles from the 80s and 90s, neon pain, retro frames, awesome colors, glow in the dark, affordable, sunglasses under $50, free shipping. Stoopid Shades is a one of a kind sunglass company that makes fun! We bring fresh unique styles, customized with hand painted designs. Bright neon paint combinations deliver a retro nod to the 80’s and 90’s with radical modern frame and lens styles. All of our glasses are 100% UVA and UVB protected, so whether you are on the beach soaking up epic sun rays and surf or going wild at your favorite music festival, you are good to go! Each pair of Stoopid Shades is a custom work of art. Each is hand painted in Lake Tahoe, California, so no two pair are identical. Choose from a wide selection of our design and paint options like reggae, party, camo, miami, gold and lava. Or if you are feeling creative, Stoopid allows you the freedom to design and create your own radical pair of shades with our build your own customizer. Pick your own frames, lenses, splatter pattern and up to three paint colors!Make sure to checkout out blacklight activated paints and frame colors too! These paint splatters are fashion for your face and will get any party turnt! All these cool options and benefits in affordable quality sunglasses.





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